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Volledige interviews

Willem Majoor is quite a timid man and always worked as a real-estate-agent. Both in his work and in his social life he was very cunning and punctual. His wife Mien relied on him to take care of the family finances.

Because of a hip-fracture at the age of 68 he spend 1,5 years on revalidation. In this time Mien had to take over some tasks and Willem needed to get used to the fact that could not take care of himself completely anymore.

Willem and Mien got 4 kids on a young age and are very grateful for all the time they were able to spend together with the family.

Toos van der Velden has always been a vivid woman. At the age of 60 she lost her husband Ad to cancer after this she found it very hard to retain her social life. Both their children are living abroad and do not contact her very often. She keeps herself busy with cooking and other daily tasks. She has a laptop with which she skypes with her two daughters.

Joop van de Hoek is an enthusiastic man. He has always spent a lot of time with his family and spends a lot of time on educating and raising his children. He wants to show them what it means to work hard and have discipline. Sometimes he can get aggravated when it turns out he did not reach his goals.

Together with his wife Truus he likes to have a drink or two with friends on a party. After working as a construction worker for a couple of years, Joop started his own company at the age of 38 in isolation solutions for large construction projects. He had to work very hard to get his company off the ground, but managed to create a stable company after some years. He is very proud of his achievements in this.